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The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County

Permanent Exhibit

Support Opportunities


                        There are two ways to support the Jewish Heritage Museum’s newly installed permanent exhibit,                             Three Centuries of Growth & Change: A History of the Jews of Monmouth County. 

Exhibit Underwriting Opportunities

Secure your company or family’s place in history by underwriting portions of this permanent exhibit.  Underwriters will have their name prominently displayed in the selected exhibit area, and will receive a complimentary one-year Museum membership.


Digital Frames - $750 each (five available)

Synagogues of Monmouth County; Artists & Craftsmen; Famous Residents;

Contemporary Snapshots; Institutions & Businesses


Display Pedestals - $1500 each (four available)

Immigration; Trades; Farming; Contemporary Life


Exhibit Display panels - $5000 each (four available)


Entire Exhibit - $25,000



Exhibit Fund


This permanent exhibit will be a dynamic and evolving project, with future multi-media additions, which will enhance and expand the exhibit and its reach into the community.  It will draw visitors from both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities by demonstrating the relevance and impact of local Jewish history as it parallels the area’s history at large: the universal immigration story and the challenges to integrate. Numerous learning opportunities and programming events appropriate for all ages spring from the content of this unique display, enabling the Museum to expand its services and impact. 


The Exhibit Fund will be utilized for the development of related meaningful programs and services, which may include educational programs for children, teens, and seniors; school programs; audio enhancement and audio tours; interactive technology stations; and more.




Pine Donors - up to $180

Oak Donors - $181 - $500

Cedar Donors - $500 and above

Thank you in advance for your support of this significant project.


Your Story is Here!  Come Visit!

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Exhibit Underwriting Opportunities

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Exhibit Fund

Exhibit Fund

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