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“I found a fruitful world, because my ancestors planted it for me.  Likewise I am planting for future generations.”  Talmud.  Ta’anit 23A.  

For many of us, our parents instilled the Jewish value of serving and enriching our communities, and in doing so, planted seeds of history, culture, and ideas wherever they lived.  Here in Monmouth County, Jewish farmers and peddlers, merchants and factory workers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, musicians, artists, teachers and rabbis have all contributed to the vast tapestry and the vibrancy of life that is the American Jewish experience.   The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County honors our community’s Jewish past through research, archives, collecting information and stories, as well as promoting public awareness of the broad Jewish heritage of Monmouth County and the surrounding vicinity.  The Museum presents this content in an educational and entertaining format for people of all ages and backgrounds.  

The Jewish Heritage Museum connects Jews to their heritage.  We present exhibits, programs and publications that celebrate, preserve, explore and illustrate the rich and unique history of the Jewish residents of Monmouth County and its vicinity, and their contributions to the larger community.  In so doing, bonds to our Jewish roots and to each other are strengthened.  

Museum members and visitors develop a deeper understanding of Jewish history and heritage. They are inspired with a sense of connection and meaning as they experience the whole range of Jewish heritage, including history, language, literature, music, theater, and visual arts in a Jewish setting.

Our Legacy donors are people like you, who recognize the impact of understanding, honoring and preserving Jewish history, not only across the globe, but right here in Monmouth County.  By possessing our past we build our future.  Our donors realize that preserving and educating the community transforms the Jewish environment thereby deepening, broadening and strengthening the bonds of the community to its Jewish roots.

Your legacy gift ensures that there will be a place where community members can come to experience the stories of past, present and future Jewish residents of Monmouth County.  As our community grows more assimilated and diverse, your gift will secure a connection to the threads of history, which brought families to Monmouth County to establish a strong and vibrant Jewish community here.  You will be planting the seed that will ensure that future generations can learn of our vital part in building and contributing toward the unique Jewish heritage of Monmouth County.

Please join us in preserving our past and present, for future generations! Remember the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County

in your will or by beneficiary designation.

Call the Museum at 732-252-6990 to arrange a conversation

with a member of our Legacy Team.

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