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Leaf Campaign



     We have a unique Genesis Tree that grows in the Museum's entrance lobby.  It is a beautiful piece of art that greets our friends as they come through our doors. This tree represents the strength and continuity of the Greater Monmouth County Jewish community as it honors all the benefactors whose names are displayed. Their generosity and loyalty to this Tree is symbolic of the growth the Museum is now experiencing.


     Purchasing a leaf is a unique way of recognizing those who are special to us, as well as providing a lasting tribute to deserving and important people in our lives.  We hope you will consider this opportunity to help our tree grow by purchasing a LEAF which  will serve as a lasting, permanent reminder of your generosity and kindness as it takes its place on our branches.


     There are a variety of colors of leaves from which to choose:

Copper - $90

 Silver - $180

 Gold -$360

These leaves can be inscribed with names of honor, celebration, and memorials.


It takes a village of friends to nurture this special tree. We marvel at how it has grown since it took root in 2008.  Please consider adding your strength to the limbs that reach out to our community. 


Please call the Museum to purchase your leaf.



Phyllis Chancy Solomon

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