Stanley was an American situation comedy starring Buddy Hackett, Carol Burnett, and the voice of Paul Lynde. It aired on NBC-TV from September 24, 1956, to March 11, 1957, and produced by Max Liebman. Stanley was a sitcom you have probably never heard of, but it is an example of one of these live sitcoms that aired for 19 weeks on NBC and featured a host of talents. The titular role was performed by comedian Buddy Hackett in his first leading role. A 23-year-old Carol Burnett, in her first regular roles, play his girlfriend Celia on the show. Among the show’s tiny writing staff was comedy legend Woody Allen, who was no doubt brought on by the show’s notable producer, Max Liebman. During his talk, Jacobsen will show some of those artifacts along with original kinescope clips of the TV program and share insights into the show’s creation and personalities.

MEMBERS-Stanley (Kinescope), 1956

  • Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 @ 7 PM