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Lecturer and Museum member Larry Rosendorf will describe his favorite years on Broadway and why some shows are hits and revivable, whereas others are forgettable. The era of Rodgers & Hammerstein productions is also known as the "Golden Years of Broadway," whose work altered the course of Broadway forever. 


Larry Rosendorf is a retired mechanical engineer who, in the Summer, resides with his wife Jane in Jackson, NJ, and the rest of the year as a resident of South Carolina. Larry has taught classes on Broadway, opera, and film for Lifelong Learning in New Jersey and South Carolina. With his passion, he started several Clubs sharing the experiences of theater and film with others. He has lectured at several JCCs and is currently a member of one of the oldest congregations in the United States, Temple Mickve Israel in Savannah, GA.


Free Admission

In-person only

The Golden Years of Broadway

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