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Join us for our Annual Winter Film Festival showcasing the best of Jewish cinema from January to March. Our festival features a diverse selection of films that celebrate Jewish heritage and culture, providing an engaging and thought-provoking experience for audiences.


Each film will be screened at the Museum on Sundays at 2 PM. Additionally, from the comfort of your own home, a link will be provided to ticket holders when the film is available for viewing for up to 72 hours.


Film Screenings:

Sunday,  March 3rd at 2 PM: The Shadow of the Day

  • Streaming online from March 3rd, 4th, and 5th


No Name Restaurant (2023) is a German comedy with English subtitles that is set in Alexandria, Egypt, to save the synagogue of the once largest Jewish community in the world from being shut down, Ben, an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Jew visiting Jerusalem, is sent out to be the desperately needed tenth man for the ceremonies of Pesach. Having missed his plane and been kicked off the bus in the Sinai Desert, his last hope is Adel, a grumpy Bedouin looking for his camel. When their car breaks down, it becomes a matter of their very survival. Although rescued by the monks of St. Catherine, Ben is too sick to go on. The Bedouin disguised as Ben is now rushing towards Alexandria to save the Jewish community.


The film bundle is $40 and each film is $10. Museum screening and online streaming are the same price. 

Annual Winter Film Festival: No Name Restaurant

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